Contactless delivery

As COVID-19 is highly contagious and easily transferable from person-person, we created a zero contact delivery system “Contactless Delivery”.

Our contactless pickup and drop-off delivery model is a new innovation focused on reducing contact between the dispatch and the patients. The delivery system is also designed to help patients and dispatch drop-off and pick-up samples while maintaining social distancing.

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Home Sample Collection Kit

LifeBank’s Home Sample Collection Kit is an easy-to-use kit created to guide individuals to collect nasal and oral swab samples used for the COVID-19 RT-PCR Screening Test. The kit provides everyone with a convenient and reliable alternative for sample collection from the comfort of their home.

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Medical oxygen is a critical supply for treating patients with Covid19. As the virus attacks the lungs, it becomes harder for patients to get enough oxygen into their bloodstream to support their kidneys, liver and other organs. AirBank by LifeBank is an on-demand emergency and scheduled oxygen delivery. Thus, LifeBank has expanded our oxygen service to deliver six cubic meters of oxygen to isolation centers in several states at no cost.

AirBank by LifeBank

Lagos State Mass Testing

LifeBank in partnership with the Nigeria Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) opened the first Drive-Thru Mass testing center in March. Our goal was to test 2000 people at no cost for COVID-19 and prove the model of centralised screening across the continent. The model has proven successful with thousands of patients tested, and we have seen the model being adopted by state governments across Nigeria, helping to improve Nigeria’s response to the Covid19 pandemic.

Oyo State Mass Testing

LifeBank in partnership with the Oyo State Government launched a Drive-Thru Mass testing center in Ibadan on Tuesday, 14th of April. The testing centre is located at Adamasingba Stadium, Adamasingba Road Ibadan and the facility has tested over 2,000 people for COVID-19 at no cost. The goal is to ultimately reduce the spread of this virus and save lives.


Quip is a national asset register that makes critical equipment (respirators, ventilators, ICU beds) for treatment and management of COVID-19 available to hospitals. The national repository offers critical information to hospitals at the front line of treating COVID-19 patients. Since we launched, we have reached over 2000 hospitals across Nigeria, found over 288 ventilators, 207 respirators and 275 ICU beds. We also launched this service in Kenya where we have reached 102 hospitals and found 315 equipment.

Quip Nigeria Quip Kenya


LabBank is a LifeBank innovation that provides laboratories with a high-level professional sample logistics that involves pickup and delivery of all kinds of biological samples on time and in the right condition in a state of the art cold chain system.

Safer Circle

Safer Circle is a visual cue to maintain social distancing in stores and frontline services that must remain open during the Covid19 pandemic. It is a creative floor sticker with 3-meter distance that customers can stand in to maintain appropriate social distancing. With Safer Circle by LifeBank, essential companies get to protect their staff and customers from the virus by using this educative social distancing tool to stop the spread of this dangerous virus.

Safe Hands

The Safe Hands app is an android app that prompts the general public to wash their hands intermittently. With the outbreak of Covid19 in Africa, the most effective way to prevent the disease remains hand washing. The hand washing must also be done properly with soap and water. When soap and water are not available, the next best option is to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Proper handwashing not only reduces the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), it also prevents the spread of other viral illnesses such as cold and flu. This app is a cue to do just this.

Handwashing App

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