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  • Drive-Thru Mass Testing:

    LifeBank developed a proof of concept for Drive-Thru Mass Testing Centres Across Lagos State. Our goal is to test 2000 people within a month and then scale this initiative across Lagos State in phases and ultimately reduce the spread of coronavirus through massive testing at no cost to the patient.
    To achieve this, we will need donations from private or corporate sponsors to enable us raise capital quickly and expand our testing capacity.

    How you can help

    Donate fund to purchase Personal Protective Equipment to test patients.
    Donate fund to purchase test kits.
    Donate fund to expand this initiative to other states.


    On February 27th 2020, Nigeria recorded its first case of COVID-19. Cases have increased exponentially afterwards. Today according to official records from the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) the situation is getting worse as cases have been recorded in 12 states across the nation.

    This growth in cases is worrisome and it calls for urgent action from all stakeholders. .

    LifeBank Initiatives on CoVid-19 Response.

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    100% of your donation goes to this project.

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